Budget 2021: NHS in England to receive £5.9bn to reduce backlog

good morning it’s monday it’s october the 25th the main story this morning is the nhs in england is to receive almost 6 billion pounds in the budget on wednesday of this week to help clear the backlog of people waiting for test scans and non-urgent procedures it will also be used for new equipment and to overhaul it systems our health correspondent dominic hughes has this report the nhs is facing a huge backlog of non-urgent diagnostic tests and procedures.

this new money known as capital funding that pays for equipment and infrastructure is designed to clear by the end of this parliament most of that backlog nearly six billion pounds will be used in part to fund a big expansion of diagnostic tests that means more ct mri and ultrasound scans the government aims to create 100 one-stop-shop community diagnostic centers across england including more than 40 already announced as part of the uk’s funding formula for the nhs.

a proportionate amount of money will also go to the health services in scotland wales and northern ireland the chancellor rishi sunak described the investment as game changing health experts have welcomed the extra money but they point to the persistent problems around staffing extra scanners are no good if you don’t have the trained staff to operate them and interpret the results if this is new money.

it’s truly welcome and the devil will be in the detail when it’s announced on wednesday it will help to deliver the proposals the government outlined last month but what we’ve got to make sure is that we have the workforce in place to deliver the services and we’ve also got to remember this isn’t just about waiting lists we’ve got high demand in mental health community services and in urgent and emergency care those pressures on the nhs being seen right across.

the uk show no sign of easing and many will be looking closely at the details in wednesday’s budget to see if further help is on the way dominic hughes bbc news [Music] well let’s talk to our political correspondent right now damian gramaticus is in westminster for us damian morning to you uh budget’s not until wednesday but we already seem to know quite a lot good morning yes well we’re getting this sort of blizzard of announcements uh ahead of it which is a sort of pr drive if you like and uh what we see i think this is a bit unusual actually before a budget that uh the uh chancellor is putting out.

their drip-feeding what he says he’s gonna do which only gives one side of the picture of course and the side he wants you to see which is these announcements of money that he says he’s going to put into places uh we wait though to see in the budget the big picture so uh is he going to you know how is he going to fund all this how is he going to balance this against the other demands on him particularly the those sort of very difficult questions.

that people are facing in the immediate future i mean this winter and the cost of living issues so the questions about rising fuel costs uh rising tax bills that people are going to be facing coming down the line already because remember we had not very long ago announced that there was going to be an increase in national insurance payments.

coming from next spring which will also be going into initially the health service then into helping fund social care so there are difficult balancing acts that we’re not seeing yet in in this blizzard of announcements and that we will get a bigger picture of come wednesday damian thanks very much and just to let you know we’ll be talking to the health secretary sanji javid at around 7 30 this morning he’s going to be joining us live on breakfast now

2 million more people will be invited to get their covered booster jabs this week the over 50s health care workers and people with underlying health conditions are eligible provided it has been six months since their second jab the government says increasing vaccination rates is the key to avoiding new restrictions police are continuing to question eight men who were arrested on suspicion of murder after two teenage boys died in brentwood in essex third person was found injured at an address in the town thomas mcgill has this report a normally quiet street

now at the center of a double murder investigation when police turned up here at raley court they found three boys injured and despite efforts of the emergency services two of the teenage boys have now died another remains in hospital and this afternoon friends and family of the victims turned up to lay flowers and comfort each other essex police have described this as a tragic incident involving a large-scale response and as part of the investigation eight people have been arrested on suspicion of murder in the early hours of this morning here in brentwood and others with information are being urged to come forward this is being described as a

fast-paced investigation and police believe those involved may be known to each other although we’re keeping a you know very much an open mind and we will explore all possible lines of inquiry we do think they’re knowing each other and so we think this is quite an isolated incident as forensic teams continue to investigate a book of condolence has been opened at a local church and the town’s mp is reassuring residents brentwood is safe we’re extremely lucky that this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often here but to lose two young boys in one evening has really left everyone very upset indeed now i understand that a lot of people will be shocked but i hope they will be reassured by the fact that the police have said that there will be an enhanced police presence in the town in the coming days forensic postmortems will now be carried out to establish

how the teenage boys were killed and how two lives were so tragically cut short that was thomas mcgill with that report for us this morning now phone networks have agreed to automatically block internet calls from overseas that appear to be from uk numbers the watchdog ofcom says the move is intended to stop millions of scam calls being made by criminals based abroad this comes after phone companies were criticized by the national crime agency for failing to tackle

a huge rise in scam calls and texts over the course of the past year tesco’s website and app is working again after hackers caused problems with the supermarkets online service shoppers were unable to book deliveries or amend existing orders over the weekend tesco has apologized and said its teams worked around the clock to restore the service [Music] see the headlines as they happen and watch bbc news live in the app and get the full story with bbc dot co dot uk forward slash news follow the story for all the latest with bbc news  

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