Fresh calls to get a Covid booster jab

it’s saturday the 23rd of october our top story there are fresh calls from the government today for eligible people to go out and get a booster jab the chancellor rishi sunak has hailed the vaccines as a way to prevent another lockdown well this comes as scientists call for plan b measures in england to be made ready to go if needed that would see the return of face masks covered passports and some working from home megan patterson reports

hi folks i wanted to just emphasize how important it is to come forward and get your booster jab against coving if and when you get the call the prime minister shared this video on social media last night reinforcing the message that the next stage of the vaccination rollout is central to the government’s covered plans this winter but we also know that the protection given by the vaccines diminishes over time but as colder weather approaches

bringing expected winter pressures to the nhs and coveted hospital admissions go up week on week calls for the return of some restrictions grow louder there’s been too little too late as far as i’m concerned from the government regarding keeping urgent care going the economy won’t manage if we don’t have people who are well enough to work on the economy and we also don’t have the staff in hospital to do it so i you know i i think can be is inevitable in the times newspaper this morning the chancellor rishi sunak has reiterated that case

numbers are in line with what was expected and restrictions will be reviewed if necessary saying that a range of options are available and those are not options that involve lockdowns or very significant economic restrictions covered booster jabs and flu vaccinations the key to protection the former head of covered vaccine delivery in england dr emily lawson has now returned to the post credited with the early success of the

vaccine rollout her return indicating ministers anticipate significant strain on the nhs in the coming months data for england from the ons last week shows the sharpest rises in covert case rates were among children but there were some increases among older age groups too the uk has recorded over 40 000 new daily covered cases for the past 10 days experts on sage who advise the government say modelling suggests that winter covered hospital admissions are increasingly unlikely to rise above the levels of the peak in january this year but

planning for possible new measures should begin now megan patterson bbc news the actor alec baldwin was told a gun was safe moments before he fatally shot a crew member on the set of his new film that is according to new documents that were filed as part of the police investigation into the death the hollywood star said in a statement there were no words to convey his shock and sadness and north america correspondent

david willis reports two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun we need help immediately that call to the emergency services the first public indication of the tragic events that had unfolded in the foothills of northern new mexico police arrived to find helena hutchins an up-and-coming cinematographer dead and the film’s director joel souza badly hurt their injuries inflicted by the film’s star alec baldwin who according to court

documents was handed a gun he was told was safe to use but which was in fact loaded with a live round in a statement alec baldwin said he was cooperating with the police investigation there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halena hutchins a wife mother and deeply admired colleague of ours he wrote this is not the first tragedy of its kind nearly 30 years ago on the set of the film the crow brandon lee the son of martial arts expert bruce lee died after being shot by a gun firing blanks

safety standards have been tightened on film sets since then but on the family twitter account brandon’s sister shannon posted the message no one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set period unconfirmed reports suggest that several crew members walked off the set in new mexico only hours before helena hutchins died in protest at working conditions and concerns about safety as detectives comb the set for clues the key question facing them is how did a live round end up in a gun fired by alec baldwin david willis bbc news los

angeles the chancellor rishi sunak will announce hundreds of millions of pounds in new spending for projects to support children and families across england in next week’s budget devolver administrations will receive an equivalent funding boost under the plans described by labour as a sticking plaster our political correspondent peter saw reports there are just five days to go until the chancellor opens his red box once again he says he wants children to get the best possible start in life so on wednesday there’ll be a 500 million pounds funding package for families that includes 100 million pounds to support the mental health of new and soon-to-be parents the supporting families program which offers targeted help to the most vulnerable households

will get an extra 200 million pounds and there’s also 80 million for a network of new family hubs across england these family hubs are described as one-stop shops where parents and their children can access all the services they need they’re similar in some respects to shore start centers which were introduced under tony blair in the late 1990s many have closed since the conservatives came to power in 2010 so labor says that the new

funding rings hollow and is nothing more than a sticking plaster but the government believes the new hubs are a significant upgrade on shore start arguing that they help children of all ages and their parents peter saul bbc news well also in next week’s budget england’s city regions are to receive a significant investment to help improve public transport train tram bus and cycle projects will all benefit from a share of more than 5 billion pounds scotland wales and northern ireland will also receive extra funding under the plans greater manchester’s

labour mayor andy burnham said it was an important first step police believe a four-year-old girl who disappeared almost a week ago in the australian outback was abducted from her tent a reward of a million australian dollars more than half a million pounds has been offered for information on her disappearance we can speak now to our correspondent phil mercer who’s in sydney phil morning to you what more do we know about this disappearance well the police in that part of western australia have called off the search at the

campsites where cleo smith went missing more than a week ago they are now casting their net across a massive area not just of western australia but the whole continent itself western australia is more than ten times the size of the united kingdom so this is a massive search operation so on the ground near the campsite the search is being wound down but the criminal investigation into this suspected abduction is now getting into full gear the police want to see video cameras footage from motels from dash cameras really trying to get

any clue whatsoever of this four-year-old girl and what makes them think that she was abducted is that when her parents found that she was missing from the family’s tent early on saturday morning more than a week ago the zip had been lifted to a height that a four-year-old wouldn’t have been able to reach so the authorities gravely concerned for this little girl’s safety of course uh phil thank you for now phil mercer there in sydney now almost ten past six a species of giant owl that had become something of a holy grail for bird watchers has

been spotted in the wild for the first time in 150 years yeah there hadn’t been any sightings of this it’s shelley’s eagle owl since the 1870s that was until this week when scientists from imperial college in london interrupted one during its daytime nap in a forest in ghana now the pair only sold the bird for about 10 seconds but it was enough time to get this rare photograph now if i’d have spotted that in the wild i wouldn’t have had a clue wouldn’t have had a clue so it’s lucky someone was first time in 150 years as well that’s amazing [Music] see the headlines as they happen and watch bbc news live in the app and get the full story with bbc dot co dot uk forward slash news follow the story for all the latest with bbc news  

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